Hartsville Farmers Market Cook-Off

About the 2017 Chili Cook-Off

The Hartsville Farmers Market Cook-Off is a festival sponsored by Main Street Hartsville.  The Hartsville Farmers Market Cook-Off features local restaurant and amateur chefs showcasing their culinary talents and competing against each other for the title of “Best Chili”. All proceeds are used to produce and promote the Cook-Off.

Free to enter!

To participate, a completed application is due by Friday, November 10, 2017 at 5:00 P.M.

Details about the event, rules, and regulations follow. Please read this information thoroughly and be sure to understand the food safety requirements before applying to participate.

An online application is available below the information section.

If you have any questions before applying, please feel free to contact us at info@mainstreethartsville.org or 843.383.3015.


The event will take place at the Hartsville Farmers Market at 100 East Carolina Avenue in downtown Hartsville on Saturday, November 11, 2017.

Dates and Times

Item Date/Time
Event Sat Nov 11 2017
Competitor Check-In 10 A.M.
Set-up 10-10:30 A.M.
Competition 11 A.M. – 2 P.M.**

All restaurant booths must remain totally intact and operational until the Cook-Off closes.

Restaurant Requirements

All restaurants must comply with DHEC rules, regulations, and requirements for the Cook-Off. Because electrical hook-ups are limited in the park, it is recommended to keep your product warm by using an outdoor gas or propane cooking burner, a camp stove and/or possibly a crock pot.  A DHEC representative will be on-site for inspection.

Participants are required to supply: their own tent and table, signage and/or table decorations, table covering, probe thermometer, hand washing station, disposable towels and disposable food-handling gloves, warmers and serving utensils. Participants must also provide a ground cover (plastic cloth) in their serving area.  Participants will have on-hand: a list of ingredients (for allergy information if people ask) and fire extinguishers.  Participants will be required to bring their own extension cord, should they require electricity.

(See “What to Bring” below)

Entrance Fees

Their is no entry fee! It’s free to enter. Competitors may offer more than one entry.

If you wish to sell larger portions for-profit, you may supply your own containers and do so.

Marketing Opportunities

The Cook-Off is a great way to market your restaurant or organization.  We encourage you to pass out coupons, brochures, or anything that markets your business. Banners or signs can be hung on your tent or table to identify your restaurant or organization. We want participants to enjoy your entry and to visit your restaurant (or support your organization) in the future.

How It Works

Community participants will be able to buy 50-cent raffle tickets, sold at the information tent by Main Street Hartsville staff, and sold in 20-ticket-for-$10 increments at first, and 50-cent tickets thereafter. Main Street Volunteers will be able to accept cash, check, or credit cards. This will avoid any cross-contamination for food handling and money handling. Voting Ballots will be cast at the Voting Table in a central location.

Because this Event was originally designed as an outreach to our restaurant community to increase revenue for them during a traditionally slow month, at the end of the Cook-Off, contestants can turn in their tickets to be reimbursed for their efforts, or they can offer to donate their tickets as a donation back to our community to be split equally between the Hartsville Interfaith Ministries Food Bank and Carolina’s Kids Hunger Busters.


The winner’s prize is a Main Street Hartsville Gift Certificate for $50. However, if more than 10 competitors sign up, the prize will go up to $75! So, make sure to encourage your friends to join in!


Main Street Hartsville will supply paper plates and napkins. They will be distributed to you on the morning of the Cook-Off.


Suggested retail pricing for additional containers:

32 ounce         $8.00 (16 tickets)


Entrants will earn reimbursement for their tickets at the closing of the Event, (plus possible bragging rights!)


DHEC Requirements

Outdoor Cooking must meet the DHEC “Requirements for Outdoor Cooking and Serving of Food” standards.

The following is an important excerpt from the DHEC standards regarding the use of propane:


If using propane gas, you must have at least one (1) approved and certified fire extinguisher for every two cooking stations, while maintaining a three (3) foot clearance for any and all combustible and ignition sources. Cooking stations shall be no closer than ten feet from any buildings means of entrance/exit.

What to Bring

Provided Items

Main Street Hartsville will supply the following:

  1. Paper Plates
  2. Napkins

Competitors’ Check List:

Each competitor will need to supply the following items for their booth:

  1. Tent
  2. Table
  3. Table Covering
  4. Disposable Gloves
  5. Disposable Towels
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. Hand-wash Station or Bottled Water Dispenser Jug
  8. Serving Utensils
  9. Food Safety Probe Thermometer
  10. Warmer/Crockpot
  11. Ticket Receptacle (fishbowl or covered box that tasters can drop tickets into)
  12. Banner or Signage with Name of Competitor
  13. Printed List of Ingredients without measurements (for allergy precautions)
  14. Propane/Heat Source
  15. Extension cord should you require electricity-LIMITED
  16. Cooking pots and/or utensils must remain OFF the ground
Cook-Off Application

Cook-Off Application

Business Information

Name of the business or organization entering
Owner of the business or organization
Physical Address
Web address for the business or organization

Event Contact Person Information

First name (given name)
Last name (surname)
Preferred contact email for matters concerning the event
Preferred contact phone number for matters concerning the event
How many entries (recipes) would you like to offer?

Acknowledgement & Certification

By signing below, I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to comply with all the Rules and Regulations stated in the Restaurant Application & Guidelines. I also agree that I will contact DHEC for appropriate guidelines.

I confirm that I, my representatives, employees and agents, agree to protect and hold the Hartsville Farmers Market and Main Street Hartsville harmless from responsibility, personal liability, claims, losses or damages arising out of, or in conjunction with, my participation in the Hartsville Farmers Market Cook-Off. As a vendor/participant in the Hartsville Farmers Market Cook-Off, I assume full responsibility for any booth and/or space utilized by me, my employees and my agents in the Hartsville Farmers Market Cook-Off.

I approve the use of my restaurant name and images in all promotions, including social media.

Please check "Yes" to indicate that you have read and do agree to the terms and conditions above and that the information you have provided is true and complete.
Enter your full legal name above to serve as your legal signature for this application.